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Default Personal Experience with COVID?

I actually did not know there was a separate sub-forum for COVID until now.

Anyway, I noticed there wasn't a thread about peoples personal experiences with COVID: whether some of us have gotten COVID, symptoms, etc; or whether we know people who have gotten it.

This might be inappropriate or people may not to share personal or private information but i just thought it would be interesting to share some experiences because many people still don't personally know someone who has had COVID.
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I'll start:

I got COVID in the summer. I cannot definitively say how; although i have one theory discussed below.

I woke up one morning with a pretty severe flu (not the worst ive had, but top 5 for sure). I was on NightQuil for about 3 days, then had sinus and chest congestion for another week or so. Fatigue and a dry cough throughout my quarantine period and even a bit after.

After all these months I can still feel it in my lungs, if that makes sense. I have went back to working out and it doesn't appear to have affected my lung capacity to a noticeable degree; however, it's hard to say.

I had seen some family and friends a few days before. They all got tested and turned out negative, except for one friend of mine i had seen a couple days before. He tested positive but was completely asymptomatic.

I had been to a couple restaurants in the days leading up, the grocery store etc. I think it was probably straight up complacency and "COVID fatigue" as it was summer and people were outside. Forgetting to wash my hands when i got home or something like that.

The crazy thing was my live-in girlfriend tested negative as did my friend's wife.
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My sister had it and recovered (with a few lingering symptoms).

She's in her early 30s, in shape, and it kicked her ass. It was about 2 months before she recovered (and she still has some lingering symptoms). She was super sick for the first two weeks, extremely bad cough, fatigue, and fever. In her second week, she also got a really bad fit of nausea, and was pretty close to going to the hospital.

After two weeks, she was still pretty sick, with the cough and fatigue being the main symptoms that lingered. I had a call with her ~2.5 weeks after her diagnosis, and you could hear the fatigue in her voice - just talking was a lot of work. After every sentence, she'd have to cough. Eventually a steroid inhaler helped her get over the cough.

She's had really bad fatigue and brain fog throughout to the point that she's been carrying a notebook around with her to help her remember things. For the most part, she's back to normal, but still has a bit of brain fog and fatigue that lingers, 2.5 months after being diagnosed.
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They had a doctor call and keep tabs on me for the first few days, to check on severity and to ensure i knew if i needed to go to the hospital.

I asked why some people seem ok and others not. My buddy is my age, probably a bit more active than me (especially this year as i draw most of my fitness from sports) and he was asymptomatic.

they had no clue into why it affected some people worse than others among similar age groups etc. It's fascinating in that regard.
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I know personally 5 people who have had covid.
two required hospitalization and one of them died.
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My wifes cousin had it. That's about as close as I've gotten thankfully.

As far as I know, he's made a full recovery with no lasting symptoms. Cough hung around for a bit but seems to be gone.

Surprising too as he's one of the people I would have though would have had a rough ride with it (huskier fella).
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Ive known 3 people who have unfortunately got covid all were women. One got it from her daughter who was a teen. She said it was like a flu and had issues feeling weak about two weeks after she got better. The other doesnt know how she got it, she never got sick. The third had medical issues with her body she was elderly and passed away.

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Until about three months ago I could say that I wasn’t aware of anyone I know who had COVID but since then about 4-5 people I know have had it. None of them have been serious, not even a colleague’s parents in their 70s.

Unfortunately, my sister’s husband’s brother died if COVID. He was stupid and careless. He lived with others in a rooming house-type situation. Someone brought it in. I didn’t know him.

My wife and I are very careful, rarely going anywhere and being cautious and masked.
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One of my friends' dad died from it. Another friend's boss died from it. A few friends have had it without severe symptoms.

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A family friend of my grandparents (90+) passed away in June from covid. Since then I've had 2 co workers get sick and spread it to their young families but luckily no one was hospitalized. Another co worker (who is single) went to a family members place for Christmas and a family member got it and was hospitalized but discharged.

I've had a few close calls but thankfully my wife and I have been healthy and working through all this.
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Oof...where to start.

I guess I'll begin by saying that my immediate family and friends have not been infected, and for that I'm grateful. Lots of exposure around me though.

My wife's grandfather, who is a chronic alcoholic and spent last year battling leukemia, got it. He also is wealthy enough to get the antibody cocktail treatment, and so he's seemingly going to be okay, but not before passing it to his own son and daughter in law after they were caring for him. They're doing okay, but it's been rough.

My mom's uncle, who was in a long-term care facility, got it and passed away relatively quickly.

I had a neighbor lady in her late 70's get it and pass away.

The roughest one was a colleague of mine who got it and passed away very fast. He was 32, no underlying health conditions, and very fit (ex-military). He also left behind a pregnant wife. That one shattered me emotionally.

I've had plenty of potential exposures and had a few tests over the months. Some from students of mine, some from friend's who had a family member or co-worker test positive, one from my doctor who was treating me a few days before he tested positive. In every case, masks seemed to be the difference maker to preventing infection.

Most of the students who got it reported severe fatigue and "brain fog". They've had trouble doing their work because they say their brain isn't working properly. That's lasted for several weeks after their infection, which had mild primary symptoms.

All in all, probably like the experience of most people. Still being very careful and waiting for my shot. I'm hoping to get it by March, but we'll see. At least my father in law was able to get an appointment this week.
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I was positive first two weeks of November. It did not feel that bad, the first week was the worst - I was short of breath for a couple of days and very tired. Afterwards, I had a post-viral cough that lasted for a few weeks. I feel like I'm 100% now, and I don't notice any side effects.

The contact tracers were overwhelmed, and I was able to notify everyone I was in contact with before they called me.

I did lose my sense of smell and taste. One day something was burning in the toaster oven, and I did not notice it.

There is a study that suggests I may be immune for at least 8 months.
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Just got off the phone with my Mom - her neighbour traveled to Mexico over the Christmas break, 65 years old, woke up the other morning not feeling well and 6 hours later was being loaded into an ambulance headed for the hospital, currently in the ICU.

Went through quarantine and testing after arriving back from Mexico.

According to my Mom no pre-existing conditions.
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2 cousins in France both got it. They are twins, both work in the ER in a hospital and live together. Both are fine now. Also have two co-workers who just tested positive in the last week and they are doing ok.
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My brother's wife, Mary got the virus back in November and is now a Covid "long hauler." Her energy levels have not returned and her sense of taste has not fully returned. I know scientists and doctors are doing studies on this so I hope they can come up with some answers and maybe a solution.

Today my mother finds out her sister Shirley has tested positive for the virus. She lives in a care home and has no symptoms at the moment. The odd thing is she was given the vaccine some 2 weeks ago and how she got it, nobody knows for sure. Hopefuly she recovers
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Had one friend get it and she was sick with flu like symptoms for 3 or 4 days - fine now.

Another friends GF had it and she had the sniffles one day and then was fine.
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My family and myself have been extremely fortunate. Usually I'm the first one to pick up flu's and when I get them, they're really bad.

However in one of my current contracts where I'm recruiting for Covid specific roles, the stories that I'm hearing from people on their brushes with Covid or family members with Covid is frightening. A lot of people are really drawn to work at home employment to avoid the risk of infection.
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My dad owns a company and 3 months ago just hired his retired best friend, Jim, to do some estimating for him. My Dad's office is out behind his house. Both my dad and Jim are 62 years old. One week Jim worked Monday-Friday in office with my dad but woke up Friday morning sick as a dog. He tested positive for Covid. We were extremely worried for my dad and mom because both have several co-morbs. Mom has both legs amputated due to Diabetes and kidney issues.

Luckily my dad nor mom contracted it, at least never got sick to go get tested. Jim said he was sick as a dog for 3 days and then felt fine. However 2.5 weeks after he initially woke up sick his legs really started hurting and were swollen. He went to the hospital and had several blood clots in his legs and a couple in his arms that he had to have surgically removed. Jim is a health nut and does like 5 miles on a treadmill every day. He does not have any co-morbs outside of age.

The scariest thing about Covid in my opinion is that its so random with who/what it infects.
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My aunt in Ireland died of it back in the early days in March. She was in her 80s, already had a lot of health issues and was living in a nursing home. It was tough on my cousins who were the only three people allowed to see her in the hospital (in the hazmat-type suits) and be at her funeral.
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My wife and I tested positive last week. Zero symptoms so far, so I don't think we'll have any. Being in quarantine sucks, but we have friends dropping off food for us so that's nice.
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