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Default Flames interested in Panarin

According to this article, the Flames are interested in Panarin, what do we think of that?
If it was a prospect, player and 1st, who do you think it would be?
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Use the Trade Rumors Thread. Not need to have separate threads for each rumor.

In before the lock
Originally Posted by oilboy2
This deal is DONE, im not sure what the worry is. Heatly is an Oiler, just some paperwork to get done. This isnt another Nylander incident
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I am sure BT has asked but I highly doubt Panarin is coming here. He would be a pure rental. Pass.
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Who is the purveyor of this ground-breaking report? ...
"Jim Parsons (no, not from the Big Bang Theory) is a successful business owner, most notably as the Owner/President of a company called Equinox Sound & Entertainment Inc. Jim writes on NHL Trade Rumors and for the Edmonton Oilers here at You can also find him writing at thesportster and"
So, Jim took a look at the League Standings, and rattled off six of the top-seven teams as "interested!" in Panarin.

Solid reporting there, Jim.
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