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Originally Posted by Gaskal View Post
Call Simmonds up and ask him if he's still good at face punching.
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Originally Posted by TheScorpion View Post
I don't think either of those guys would take kindly to being demoted to the American League.
After the trade deadline they wouldn't be there. Neither would Peluso.
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Originally Posted by 868904 View Post
Lazar for Lucic (500% retained).
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If you're just looking to replace Peluso, with similar calibre of player, it really shouldn't cost much at all.

But if you're looking for a guy who you can pencil into the lineup every night while providing toughness, be prepared to pay quite a bit at the deadline IMO.
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Feel bad for Peluso. I thought in the games he played up in Calgary he did well - didn't make any mistakes, was strong on the forecheck, and wasn't a liability with either his play or with going overboard and costing the Flames a penalty. Hopefully his recovery goes well.

I actually can't think of anyone that may be available. Might have to wait until the trade deadline to see who drops out. I can see the Flames not going after anyone with Edmonton likely being out of it, and Anaheim being craptascular. Ferland makes even a bit more sense now. Maroon? Maybe someone like that over an all out-and-out pugilist.

Thorburn is a name I thought of as well, but looking him up shows me he has played 1 NHL game this season (which isn't surprising), but only 22 AHL games. Maybe he is also hurt? I didn't think he was that bad to not regularly play in the AHL, especially given that the AHL teams usually have these types of players in the line-up.
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I don't think it's worthwhile grabbing a guy who would be the 13th forward all year when you already have Prout, you're not really getting tougher night in night out, but two guys who could be available are Haley in Florida for peanuts and Gabriel in NJ for a bit more.
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