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Default Administration and Moderation

By registering on and/or posting on Calgarypuck you may at some point interact with administrators and moderators. The following are general guidelines for how Calgarypuck approaches moderation issues and descriptions of various terms and processes used.

General Upkeep
To keep the forum organized, easy to use, read, and navigate a moderator may take actions to alter posts or threads. Such actions are not intended to be punitive. Examples:
Split off topic posts into a new thread.
Delete off topic posts from a thread.
Move threads to a more appropriate subforum.
Correct or otherwise alter thread titles.
Merge or delete duplicate posts or threads.

Moderators cannot read every post. Users can report a post that they believe requires moderator attention by clicking the Report Post button and filling in a description of why the post needs moderator attention. This can include general things like moving threads, or pointing out posts that violate the guidelines or are otherwise inappropriate.

Reports should be civil and concise.

Warning, Infractions, Suspensions, and Bans
In the case that a post does not comply with the guidelines a warning or infraction may be issued.

Warnings and infractions are the primary method of the moderator to communicate directly with the user regarding the issue. They are similar to a PM but are persistent allowing moderators to share information about user interactions with the rest of the moderation team.

Warnings and infractions are both intended to draw attention to an issue. Sometimes an accompanying PM may give more detail, suggestions, or guidance. Infractions have slightly more weight than a warning, but too many of either may result in further actions.

Warnings and infractions may have a point value assigned to them. This is usually 1, though serious infractions may have a value up to 5. This value is not intended as a demerit system (15 points and you're suspended), only to communicate that the moderator feels that an issue is relatively more or less severe.

Warnings and infractions may have an expiry date assigned to them. All infractions or warnings can be seen on an account even after expiry, so an expiry of "never" is not intended to communicate severity (different moderators used it differently in the past).

Ignoring warnings or infractions, or committing a serious breach of the rules, may result in a suspension or ban. Members that have been suspended can be recognized by the user title "In the Sin Bin". Suspensions are usually temporary ranging from days to weeks (or sometimes months). Banned users can be recognized by the user title "Lifetime Suspension" and bans are permanent.

Decisions to suspend or ban users are taken seriously and usually discussed by the moderation team to form a consensus.

Moderation issues should not be discussed on the general forum, PM a moderator or the Moderator account to discuss any issues.

Moderation actions are generally private between the moderation team and the individual user, so sometimes it may not appear any action has been taken while it in fact has.

Moderators may also post instructions or warnings into a thread. Failure to comply with such a post may result in warnings, infractions, suspension or bans.

Suspensions or bans can be appealed by contacting us via the Contact Us link in the footer or by emailing The moderation team will reconsider the issue including any new or relevant information provided. It's recommended to be polite and direct; abusive users are more likely to have their suspension turned into a ban or have their appeal ignored.
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