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Originally Posted by Aeneas View Post
Anyone remember the CP user who was making a long trip all over the place, but including some unusual stops in Asia?
Xinjiang, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, & Tajikistan? 6 or 7 years ago? Or are you looking for someone currently doing fun and exciting things (in which case it definitely isn't me)?
"Life of Russian hockey veterans is very hard," said Soviet hockey star Sergei Makarov. "Most of them don't have enough to eat these days. These old players are Russian legends."
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I thought this might be appropriate to put here:

A discount airline from Iceland will be offering flights from Canada (Toronto and Montreal) to Europe for $250. It will be $100 from Canada to Iceland, and then $150 to other destinations in Europe.

That is wicked.
"A pessimist thinks things can't get any worse. An optimist knows they can."
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