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Originally Posted by Yamer View Post
UPDATE: He had his first 'accident' last night after just under 3 weeks of nothing. It was all caused by a stray cat wandering around the back yard.

I was wondering if introducing another cat into the house would curb his territorial behaviour? Since he's a very social cat I've long considered getting him a buddy.

Anyone with insight or experience with this kind of approach?
Not personally, but I wonder if you could contact the MEOW Foundation and talk to someone about it?

When I decided to get a second dog as a friend for my first, I started with fostering and let the first dog "choose" the second. Once I had what I thought was a good match, I told the rescue I wanted to adopt that dog.
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I know you said you tried thoroughly cleaning the spots, but did you go the full extent with a heavy duty carpet steam cleaner?

My wife and I are going that route right now for one of our cats who likes to pee beside the litter box.
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