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Default How to fix a PS4 controller? - or tell if its toast?

Couldn't find a relevant thread to stick this in..recently took a controller to my buddy's (he only has one), it took a bit to get it to be compatible with his PS4 but eventually worked fine at his house the entire evening. I crashed over and the next morning I couldn't get it to work anymore, and then when I came home I can't get it to connect back to my PS4, even when I connect it to the cord directly into the PS4.

I looked online and pressed the small reset button and all that dice. Its an old controller that's been used a lot, I've had it since 2014 so if its just dead now that's fine..its just the timing of it evidently dying while at my buddy's house that has me wonder if it is just a compatibility thing, before I just chuck it out.

What's the life-span on those anyway? Curious how long others have had their controllers last for before being replaced...I didn't even know they could permanently die like that! Thanks if you can help and save me $80!

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I've had the worst luck with PS4 controllers. 2 of them I've had shoulder buttons die, and another had the analog stick die. I'm on my 4th controller now since I bought the PS4 at launch, so if you got 5+ years out of yours then you're doing great
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