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Originally Posted by ben voyonsdonc View Post
The BDC commercial with the fake Johnny Cash sounding song that plays relentlessly makes me crazy. It’s actually a Sam Cooke song that is a lot better than that junk version.
Holy eff that commercial is terrible. I am not a terribly musical person, but that singer sounds horribly off-key.
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The one with the woman who can’t tolerate family commotion and has to hide in her car on the driveway.
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the Lazy Boy commercial. "Wow you offer your design services for free". then she snaps her finger and her design services are clearly overpriced even when free. Hideous, i could do better.
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What the hell is that garbage song/noise on the new Aeroplan commercial? Good lord!
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How the hell did Scotiabank get the rights to use Ahead by a Century in their commercial?
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Originally Posted by jayswin View Post
Just a horrendous shoddy local marketing attempt. The worst part is they got rid of their quality COOP Gold products in favour of this **** when they decided to stop producing their own local product, instead outsourcing to Overwaitea (Save on Foods).

So they gave up excellent local product for outsourced crappier product and then leaned heavily on "local" marketing. Unbelievably ironic, but right in line with crappy cooperations.
Originally Posted by jayswin View Post
And unless anyone actually noticed the small announcement of closing fed coop production (local) they probably won't even notice that anything changed and think they're still a great locally supporting company.
Couple month old topic bump, and an aside, but did Federated Co-op actually produce anything locally? They closed their distribution centre, sure, but I honestly don't know what if any of the "Co-op Gold", "centsibles", etc. products were actually made locally.
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I hate these commercials that sound like someone is just hammering on a sound board.
I subscribed to NHL live and every commercial break they play a sports select commercial that is endless 1 second sound bites. Vroom, screech, ding, swoosh, blub etc. The worst part is that they will usually play it twice in a row. I have started just muting my TV.
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bad commercials , bunchowhiners , eww spence diamonds "guy" , eww vagisil , spence sucks , subway sucks , telus sucks

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