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Jiri Hrdina
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Default Day 79 Predictions - lines in by 7 am

Day 79
549 Tampa Bay Lightning vs Florida Panthers (R3)
550 Vancouver Canucks vs Nashville Predators
551 L.A. Kings vs Phoenix Coyotes
552 Washington Capitals vs Edmonton Oilers
553 New Jersey Devils vs Carolina Hurricanes
554 San Jose Sharks vs Buffalo Sabres
555 Columbus Blue Jackets vs Philadelphia Flyers
556 Pittsburgh Penguins vs Montreal Canadiens
557 Calgary Flames vs New York Islanders
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We lose this one, boom goes the dynamite.

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Another good test for the Sharks vs a good Sabres team. We haven't seen Stamkos in weeks he has gone AWOL...will he show up tomorrow?
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Originally Posted by Goffie View Post
We lose this one, boom goes the dynamite.

Let me light that fuse for you!
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Hope the team shows up. Line up changes. Tinordi draws back in after his injury. Phil Kessel has been split from Backstrom. Hoping to play spoiler
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Harry Lime
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Curious to see what the additions of Dadonov and Foligno will do for the team. I'm hoping for mediocre things!
A fool can throw a stone into the water which ten wise men cannot recover.
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