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Default LF: Someone for a Super Small Wood Cutting Type Job


I think this is where to post this request?

I am in the NW (Calgary).

I am looking for a piece of wood cut for the exact purpose noted in the first example of this webpage (the laundry room example):

The example notes for a laundry room (we have a set up exactly like that but instead in our tiny entry way for shoes).

I'm looking for the piece of wood that would go on top. As they note, the dimensions are: 16cm (wide) x 103cm (long).

Is there anyone out there that might want to provide me with this - or suggest where I could get a custom piece of wood (it doesn't have to be oak, and I can stain/paint it on my own) with these exact dimensions?

I would of course pay for the wood, plus an agreed upon amount for the labour - aka, I think given how small this would be, beer money (or even just some beer, that would be fine too if you prefer!).

I don't have the tools to do this, I'm not good mechanically, and I would rather chip in a few bucks to someone good local.

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Somewhere like Windsor Plywood (plenty of locations, but there is one in NW by COP) have a good selection of wood and I'm sure the guys in the shop would be more than happy to help cut it to size.
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Shoot me a PM. I could whip this up for you without issue this weekend. No need for money or beer either.
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