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Default Online School / Learning Options

Like most parents I suspect my 4 and 6 yr old will come down with something that will earn them 10 day break from their daycares and schools respectively.

Does anyone have any good experiences with "virtual school" options / online learning platforms they can recommend? By that I mean a "hop on / hop off" type of service where you could enroll them for 1 or 2 weeks at a time. This would not be a permanent replacement for in school classes. Most of the options I'm finding are US based or are the full year variety.

Some sort of 'teacher' based interaction would be great as opposed to doing electronic lessons - my kids respond better to direct guidance and instruction. My wife and I both work so there are limits as to how much we can do this in a day.
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I'm a bit confused by your question, are you meaning (for the 6 yr old only - I am assuming they are in kindergarten) just in case they get sent home for say 2 weeks if someone at the school tests positive?

Or are you wanting something more broadly for a replacement for the year?

My oldest (upper elementary) is just finishing off a stint at home due to a covid case at her school. They use google classroom, and the teacher has been fantastic with this I think. The class has ~ 15 min meetings generally on the hour, 1.5 hours, where she teaches/explains an assignment...then the kids go off and do it, then reconvene later on, and either talk about it/upload it to google classroom, etc. Teacher is available at all times in btwn scheduled meetings to answer questions, etc.

At any rate, a 4 and 6 year old...are going to be tough to do online schooling. Its just their age. If anything, I would let them play, and if you are wanting "learning", there are tonnes of options...e.g. online math games (CBC, PBS kids, etc), spelling, etc. At that age we had good success with math colouring (colour a picture, but the colour they use is determined by a simple math problem in that location). Or just let them look though picture books, etc.

I don't know, I wouldn't sweat it for formal learning at that age.

Just my 2 cents though.

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If you're stuck working from home with young kids, I'd recommend having a grandparent or relative help out by scheduling a 1-1 video call a couple of days a week for an hour. It works wonders to have someone else reading a few stories and doing basic activities like coloring. Tack on a 30 minute outdoor play period with them during lunch and I've found it makes the days much more manageable for everyone.

This also gives you some solid time to get work done uninterrupted.
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Your library will have a lot of resources that they can recommend.
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