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Originally Posted by chedder View Post
Thanks Derek. Yes, it's the acura plus warranty. Can't find anything about a deductible so I'll have to ask. Not sure if you can or want to tell but how much room to move would there be in these warranties?
We are on our second Acura MDX. First one had 14 years. Including ALL work (major repairs, minor repairs, services, tires, etc) we probably averaged about $2k/yr. plus it was a bit thirsty. That said it was a perfect family car and bulletproof and amazing in crap conditions. Now why did it cost that much? Hmmmm well I suckered out and had ALL the work done at the stealership, and always the work specified at the preset intervals. Yeah they saw easy money.

Replaced it with a used 2015 MDX and hoping for the best. It’s a nice suv to drive for sure but also thirsty. On highway trips usually average about 10.5 liter per 100km. When I see the efficiency of the hybrid EVs I’m envious. Am thinking next vehicle might be hybrid, but that would likely be a mid size wagon type.
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Well since October, my dad and I have bought 2 trucks (both from dealerships- one outside the city and one in the city).

And now we have vehicles to sell! I sold my car today for less than I wanted but in this COVID world, I didn't want to deal with showing it to a bunch of different people. He was super easy to deal with too. Took a week to sell.

And then I have my dad's old truck listed and I thought that would be gone super quick because there's not much on the market like his but not many takers yet but it is listed high. Selling in this COVID world is definitely interesting though.
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