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I'm sure it says that somewhere, but it wasn't obvious to me when I bought it on my phone. Whatever, it was still easily worth an audible credit. I just would have waited to start it if I'd known about that.

Also, I don't think it's something that makes sense to listen to unless you've already gone through the whole series at least once in hard copy. I've read it three times and this is a good way to get a new experience of it.
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Originally Posted by JohnnyB View Post
I remember reading that Shogun is the longest title on Audible. The longest I've listened to is 34 hours , but that one is way longer. How far in are you now?
So sorry I missed this - I'm almost 25 hours into a 53 hour 'book' and it's been amazing. Keeping track of the names is the hardest part for most North American readers I think. John Smith makes it easy to remember who and what he is. Ishida, Fujiko and Mariko is tougher when it's being read to you.

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