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I'm still laughing at "Eagle Fang", so stupid, simple and hilarious.
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Originally Posted by CaptainCrunch View Post
I don't know

Everyone switches sides so much, I'd be surprised if any character was ever kept that simple. This really is like wwf or a soap opera. Such a guilty pleasure.
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So when does Hilary Swank make a Cameo and get completely owned by Torrie?

I mean didn't she have an eagle of falcon or something in Karate Kid 4. Did it have fangs?
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Originally Posted by CaptainCrunch View Post
Karate Kid three - I'm awesome but don't want to defend my title. Oh I want to defend my title, but I go to a guy that trys to cripple me in training and I don't think it through. I get int a bar fight because I think I'm awesome. Then I get into a tournament and cheat with an illegal blow to the head.
He didn't win with an illegal blow to the head. He grabbed Barnes arm during sudden death, spun him to the ground and punched his side. Plus he only "decided" to enter the tournament when his and his friend's life were literally in the hands of his tormenters.

But yeah, Daniel was a dick in Karate Kid III as an 17 or 18 year old, then he trained with Miyagi for another 30 years so we expect more from him.

EDIT: Also super glad I didn't see the trailer for season 3, I think it would have diminished some of the best parts of the season had I seen it.

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get him a body bag! , sweep the leg

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