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Default Need some experts in a couple of fields

Hi All,

As you know I work with Startups, and I thought I would reach out to the CP Brain trust on a couple of requests for help.

1) I'm working with a startup that's building two applications for Property Managers, the applications involve scheduling (IE maintenance, cleaning etc) and pricing. I'm looking at putting together a focus group, and hope to find a few people in the Property Management field. The time commitment is very short, IE an hour or so, and the members will be compensated for their time. This is not a sales exercise but a validation exercise.

2) I'm working with another startup that is working on a planning and efficiency application for small to mid sized manufacturing firms. I think it would be helpful to have him talk to someone in the manufacturing field, to help him flesh out his concept. Again the time requirement wouldn't be large, and there could be compensation for this as well.

If you are someone that is in the above field, or know someone that wants to help some Startups, please DM me, I would appreciate it.

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