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Default Business Based VOIP Services

Hey CP,

I wanted to offer CP Business VOIP Services. We normally charge $79.99, but the CP special will be $69.99

You will get:

2 Lines (We can get you2 different phone numbers for each line if you want as well)
Unlimited Calling Canada and United States
Voicemail to Email
Phone number in any major city
Call Park
Call queue
Call Waiting
Follow Me
Call Re-routing (If one phone does not answer, it can be transferred to another phone, or even cell phone)
Ring Groups (ring multiple phones for specific calls)
Transfer calls directly to Cell phones or other lines
Automated IVR (Auto attendant, push 1 for this etc)
Time Conditions - Calls will do different things based on the time the call is received, whether it goes to the auto-attendant, or directly to a voicemail or specialized message.

We have lots of other features, these are just the start. The system we use is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services). We have had lots of success hosting the services on Amazon Servers.

We do not charge based on how many handsets you require. Only on how many lines. 2 are included, and we can add additional lines as you wish.

We are an open system, in which we give you a portal access to make minor or major changes to your system as you wish (we prefer to do the major, the minor are easy as changing email address or the phones extension etc).

We can also bundle in Telus internet services if that is worth taking a look at as well. There is a special going on for a limited time, $100 for Telus internet and VOIP services.

Hardware can be handled in 3 different ways. You can purchase the hardware from us at cost up front, we can finance the cost of hardware over 12 months and then once the hardware is paid off the rate would go to the aforementioned rate. The 3rd option is if you already have VOIP hardware, in which we would inspect and make sure we can use that hardware. We do typically use Yealink hardware.

We prefer Yealink as we have direct access to their provision services which allow us to do a lot with your phones. We have experience with Law offices, Retail stores, Offices, Medical Offices. There are lots of scenarios in which we have seen and been able to offer tailored solutions to.

If you have any further questions or want to brainstorm ways this can work for you, please DM me.

We are Calgary based, and all programming is done here.

You can see more information at

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