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Wow. When you see these stats it really sinks in how bad we are. (From The Score)
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must show all Flames games nationally when they play on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays !!!

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Anybody get a screen grab of the "Believe in each other"keys to the game graphic for the Flames?!
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Originally Posted by GioforPM View Post
The 89 Flames were built with both drafts and trades. Sutter, MacInnis, Newy, Roberts, Vernon, Loob: draft. Mullen, Gilmour, Hunter, Ramage, McCrimmon: trade. Macon, Patterson, Otto: college UFA. I canít recall any true UFAs.
Agreed that is a historical fact.

Gilmour: Main piece was Mike Bullard, who we acquired from Pittsburgh for Dan Quinn (who we drafted #13)

Mullen: The main piece we traded for Mullen was Eddie Beers (undrafted and signed out of the University of Denver)

Hunter: Tim we drafted...and Mark we got in the Gilmour trade above when we traded Bullard

Ramage / McCrimmon: The main piece was Brett Hull who we picked in the 6th round (*is there another franchise that has traded or cut two hall of famers they drafted sooner than the Flames...Hull and St Louis)

The point being we didn't trade picks in any of these deals, we traded players for assets that we developed by picking in the draft, assessing how they fit with our team and making a deal. Bottom line this team needs to go to the draft trying to get as many NHLers as possible each year to fill our cupboard with tradeable assets. If the players turn out decide to keep them or not but stop trading the picks...start accumulating them instead (opposite George time).

...also none of this is directed at you GioforPM...just your quote gives a nice platform to drive home my drafting point.
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