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Default Margins on Hot Tubs?

Thinking of buying a new hot tub - currently considering an Arctic Spa. I’ve never bought one before, but it seems obvious the margins are huge...Especially when you see a huge “sale” in they paper and on the radio every week...

For example, I see Paradise bay has $3K off the Arctic Spas right now, yet they have that all the time (it seems). How much more room do these outfits have to negotiate lower? I assume there’s a lot of
Margin to play with...
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This might be relevant for you:
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About 80% of Google reviews are fake (and have been for a while) especially for car dealers, but I've noticed more and more review sites popping up that seem suspect
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We bought an Arctic Spa last October. It's our first hot tub and we love it. They wouldn't come down much on the price but they will throw in the accessories. Like the better lift, better cover, steps included. They give you a starter kit too.
You may have better luck than we did getting the price down. I wish we pushed them more.
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"Biggest sale of the year until next weekend!!!!"
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