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Originally Posted by PostandIn View Post
He's right and he shouldn't have backed down.
Our culture's pretty fataed if we're having serious discussions on whether or not 3 year old's have the capacity to make appropriate life-altering decisions for themselves.

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Originally Posted by PsYcNeT View Post
Lopez is an idiot for giving Owens/Prager U the time of day, and his comments come from a place of obvious ignorance.
Nah, he's actually right. Pretty shocking that there are people that find his comments controversial. I feel sorry for their kids.
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Originally Posted by Cali Panthers Fan View Post
Dr. Deborah Soh has written some great op eds on these topics based on actual neurological research rather than rhetoric. Unfortunately, it has also been met with backlash since it fails to adhere entirely to some people's ideas of what is politically correct.

I highly recommend the read, even if you think you might not agree with her.

Bonus: She's Canadian.

The temptation will always be there, as you can transist so much better if you do it before puberty, and there are lots or stories of people who wish they could have transited while younger. Maybe there is a way to refine the psychological analysis that you can eliminate the ones that would change their mind, but you'd have to risk a whole ton of people who regret it in order to collect the data. I just can't see how a reasonable person could do that to their child.
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Originally Posted by Ark2 View Post
Nah, he's actually right. Pretty shocking that there are people that find his comments controversial. I feel sorry for their kids.
No, he's conflating people who don't force their children to conform to gender norms with the very uncommon occurrence of parents allowing pre-pubescent children to transition (I haven't even heard of a 3 year old physically transitioning).

It's hyperbolic bull####.

Originally Posted by MrMastodonFarm View Post
Settle down there, Temple Grandin.
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I assume that this person has likely had to deal with a lot of mental issues and scorn from society, but is this really the hill you want die on as you try to move the transsexual community further along. Because you have no sympathy from me. If you want your stuff waxed there are places that specifically offer that service. Don’t go seeking it out to test the waters.

I equate this to going to Home Depot and getting mad because they don’t sell milk and bread.

Also, I find it laughable that this person claims they have outdoor plumbing but yet could get pregnant.

I also read that the technique for men differs due to the skin on the scrotum being very thin. Do you really want someone who is not trained to do this job - or do you have another lawsuit in the chamber for that situation as well.

This person needs to just go away asi can’t imagine they are bringing positive attention to this community
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It feels like Yaniv who has filed a ton of HRC against these errrr waxers and has posted racist and anti-immigration rants on line before is using the HRC to go after immigrants running these businesses.
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Originally Posted by CaptainYooh View Post
Again, you are diverting. See, regardless of what you think that I do and don't give about transgender issues, my point was different. I think that there will come time, soon, when women-only service providers will be required by law to provide services to people with male genitalia. Ridiculous cases like this one support my assumption. My original post was to see what others think about this possibility. As usual, you've managed to turn what could have been an interesting (and funny) discussion into another one of your little wars, where either I have to keep defending myself, instead of my arguments, or just say f...k it . Good job. Oh, and please, not the eyebrow!
Oh... no.... your one chance at a little weekend transgender fun has been ruined by me. The horror....

But seriously, you seem to be the only one affected. Thread’s ticking along just fine if you want to get in your funny transgender jollies and talk human rights. Sometimes someone might pop in and say something you don’t love, that’s life.

The bolded, in my opinion, is the reason context matters and why you can just ignore the person or ignore the situation, as much as you’d like to to make a point. If anything, cases like this (a vile, racist sexual predator abusing the HRT to push their personal agenda) make it actually less likely for this to be law, as I believe Yaniv will fail, and I believe his failure will be used as precedent to show that no, you do not have to wax balls if you wax a vag.

You’ve got this person who should most certainly be on some watch list and kept away from children, who also happens to be taking up a “cause” in the worst possible way, setting back the human rights effort for people who are actually just trying to live a normal, decent life. Yes, I know, I know, it doesn’t fit the funny narrative you were curating. But that’s the bummer of a reality.
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