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Default Survivor 36: Ghost Island

Pick Order/Picks

Pool A
kootenayguy9 - Desirre Afuye - Desirre Afuye
calgarybornnraised - Brendan Shapiro - Kellyn Bechtold
transplant99 - Stephanie Gonzalez - Domenick Abbate
surferguy - Wendell Holland - Jacob Derwin
Mr. Coffee - Libby Vincek - Lauren Johnson
WhiteTiger - Chelsea Townsend - Angela Perkins
mile - James Lin - Stephanie Johnson
ernie - Lauren Johnson - Bradley Klehege
#-3 - Domenick Abbate - Jenna Bowman
Bootsy - Angela Perkins - Morgan Ricke
csnarpy - Sebastian Noel - Wendell Holland
Rhettzky - Michael Yerger - Brendan Shapiro
flamesrule14 - Chris Noble - Chelsea Townsend
Fuzz - Bradley Klehege - Donathan Hurley
Weitz - Jenna Bowman - Stephanie Gonzalez
KootenayFlamesFan - Jacob Derwin - Michael Yerger
jroc - Morgan Ricke - Libby Vincek
dino7c - Donathon Hurley - James Lin
Hockey - Stephanie Johnson - Chris Noble
KevanGuy - Kellyn Bechtold - Sebastian Noel

Pool B
cammy13 - Bradley Klehege - Desirre Afuye
trackercowe - Chris Noble - Donathon Hurley
Iceman57 - Sebastian Noel - Michael Yerger
rumy - Brendan Shapiro - Stephanie Johnson
droopydrew19 - Jenna Bowman - Laurel Johnson
KootenayFlamesFan - Morgan Ricke - Kellyn Bechtold
csnarpy - Angela Perkins - James Lin
Cheese - Wendell Holland - Stephanie Gonzalez
Regulator75 - Chelsea Townsend - Chris Noble
ratech - Domenick Abbate - Sebastian Noel
Tron_fdc - James Lin - Angela Perkins
Iggy_12 - Libby Vincek - Chelsea Townsend
bigtmac19 - Laurel Johnson - Bradley Klehege
WhiteTiger - Stephanie Gonzalez - Morgan Ricke
Yoho - Donathan Hurley - Wendell Holland
killer_carlson - Michael Yerger - Libby Vincek
Otto-matic - Stephanie Johnson - Jenna Bowman
Puxlut - Kellyn Bechtold - Domenick Abbate
GreenLantern - Desirre Afuye - Jacob Derwin
savardandjokinen - Jacob Derwin - Brendan Shapiro

This season is Ghost Island, playing on the mistakes of the past/bad decisions of past players. All idols are from previous games. Advantages will be advantages that have been famously misplayed. This season really looks to be a good call-back to the fans of the game of previous seasons, and I have to admit that I'm pretty interested in it just for that aspect. Season Premiere is Feb 28.

As before, if there is enough interest, I am willing to fill out a Pool B of players as well.

Cast List/Bio's:

Naviti Tribe

Domenick Abbate
Age: 38
Construction Worker

Desirre Afuye
Age: 21

Kellyn Bechtold
Age: 31
Career Counselor

Wendell Holland
Age: 33
Furniture Designer

Bradley Klehege
Age: 26
Law Student

Chris Noble
Age: 27
Male Model

Sebastian Noel
Age: 22
Fishing Guide

Angela Perkins
Age: 42
Army Veteran

Morgan Ricke
Age: 29
Marine Animal Trainer

Chelsea Townsend
Age: 24

Malolo Tribe

Jenna Bowman
Age: 23
Account Executive

Jacob Derwin
Age: 22
Music Teacher

Stephanie Gonzalez
Age: 26
Graphic Sales

Donathon Hurley
Age: 26

Laurel Johnson
Age: 29
Financial Consultant

Stephanie Johnson
Age: 34
Yoga Instructor

James Lin
Age: 24
Business Analyst

Brendan Shapiro
Age: 41
Physical Education Teacher

Libby Vincek
Age: 24
Social Media Strategist

Michael Yerger
Age: 18
Real Estate Agent

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In please.
Tkachuk is more like Marchand than the other guys though. He's really ****ing good. He's just a total butthole.
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"The Rules" - Updated a bit to address some issues from Season 35

It's pretty easy to quickly pick up. I take the first 19 people to respond that they'd like to play, and put their name into the list at the top. I then put that list into a random list generator to spit back at me a randomly mixed up version of that list for picking. If there are enough people, I can make a second pool. If there are not quite enough to make a second pool, I'll ask if players from the first pool would like to be in the second as well.

I start at the top of that list and everyone picks one Survivor. The only rule there is that you can't pick someone who's already been picked. Once we get to the bottom of the list (so all CP players have picked one of the Survivor Contestants) we go BACK UP the list from the bottom, so that the player on the bottom gets the 'last' pick in the first round, but the first pick in the second. As the Survivors are eliminated, so are the CP Players. Each CP Player will get 2 Survivors, so we end up with 2 CP winners splitting a virtual million bucks and bragging rights for the Season.

I will usually give a person 24 hours to make their pick before they drop to the bottom. I'm not generally TOO draconian about the 24 hour pick rule. I base the "24 hour" time period off the post of the previous picker. So if I pick at 12 noon on the first, and you picked after me, you'd have to have your pick posted by 12 noon on the second. Since I don't live on the computer, it's generally 24 hours + the next time I check the thread. To further the previous example, if you miss your noon deadline, but get your pick at 1pm and I log on and check the thread at 2pm, I'll still count it. If I log on and don't see a pick from you, then you miss your pick slot and drop to the bottom of the list. (FYI, I hate dropping players, please don't miss your pick!). I also understand that a lot of people only use/check CP during the week, so during the weekend I tend to suspend the 24 hour rule. Picking can still continue of course, but I try not to 'punish' people for having a life during the weekend.

Rule addition: At the end of Round 1, picking be held until the order can be reset to the original picking order. This will bring the players who have dropped in Round 1 for whatever reason back to the ORIGINAL location in the Snake Ladder. Once the order has been sorted back out, I will officially start Round 2. We will still start the picking from the bottom of the list and go 'backwards' up to the top for Round 2.

I PM everyone that the picking has started, and ask the players to keep an eye on both this thread and their inbox. I ask that whoever makes their pick PM's the next person on the list so that they know they are up.

If you know that you aren't going to be around to make your pick on time, you can PM me an ordered list of who you'd like picked, and I can place your pick for you based on that list and who remains to be picked. I do not release this list publicly so that your strategy/picks remain somewhat secret.

PLEASE NOTE: That you are responsible for monitoring the thread and making your picks when it's your turn. Do not depend on getting a PM Notification to tell you when it's your turn. There have been some problems in the past with PM's not going through or not being sent. While I ask that folks send the next person in line a one is OBLIGATED to...please don't miss your pick because you were depending on/waiting for a PM that didn't come.

This is a for-fun, low pressure thing to give us all a little something extra to cheer for. I like to keep it pretty simple and fun. The thread, usually after picking, turns into the "Survivor discussion thread" while the series is ongoing. If you haven't seen the weeks episode yet, I highly advise avoiding this thread as there is usually "up to the minute" updates as soon as the earliest CP member finishes watching (which is totally cool).

Any questions I am happy to deal with. Any disputes I will almost always deal with. If there's a huge "thing" that comes up, I'd put it to the other players for thoughts.

If you'd like some examples, check out a couple of the other Survivor threads I've started. They illustrate quite nicely how this version of CP's Survivor Pool is run/runs.

Oh, and as a note for the players...I don't (and don't need to) 'confirm' every pick. When you get your PM that it's your turn, or if you are browsing the thread and notice it's your turn, take your turn. I update the main post on a 'when I can' basis, not after every pick.

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Go Flames Go!!
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In! Thanks for doing this.
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In please
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I'm in.

Thanks WhiteTiger!
Originally Posted by J pold View Post
I'm just a overall d-bag
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damn onions
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Air Canada - We're not happy until you're not happy.
Telus - Almost as bad as Winnipeg.
Calgary Roads Dept - Ya, we'll get to that.
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IN if you still have a spot
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I’m in
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Shameless self promotion

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Also should know that the same final four twist from last season will be back for this game, but the contestants will know about it before the game starts.
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In please.
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