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Default CaptainCrunch leaves the Blues

St Louis Times Picaaaayuune (AP)

CaptainCrunch has left the St Louis Blues, citing personal issues and a desire to spend more time with his family, he tendered his resignation last week, and the Blues quickly filled the role naming Rumy as the new GM.

Crunch took over the Blue's two seasons ago. In his first year he made frantic changes and narrowly missed the playoffs. In his second year he restructured the team and made the playoffs only to be swept by the Nashville Predators.

"Its tough leaving a job that you really enjoy" Crunch wrote in a letter to the Blue's fan base. "I've loved every single second of it. The tension of making playoffs, the liver crunching feeling as I watched games from the GM suite. There's nothing like the fraternity of CPHL owners and managers."

Crunch went on to state "I'm proud of the team I assembled and had a blast doing it chatting with all of the quality people involved in this league, I'm really looking forward to what the new management is going to do, and I'll be cheering them from the sidelines. I wish nothing but the best to Rumy".

"The question is always going to be, will I be back if another CPHL team offers me a job?, Yeah, I hope so, there's nothing more fun then interacting with great people while trying to build a team. But we all know that in terms of priorities Family does need to come first, and that takes up most of my time right now, and it just doesn't allow me to focus on much else."

Crunch hasn't closed the door on other ways to stay involved.

"Who knows, maybe I'll become one of those pain in the a$$ sports columnists and comment on all of the other teams in the CPHL, but this paper would really have to back up the old Brinks truck to my house for that to happen.".

In the meantime, Rumy does have his job cut out for him, while there's a decent core of players, the Blue's really only have about 8 million bucks to grab 4 more players, and there's a long list of RFA's to sign as well. The Blue's don't have much in the way of high end prospects of draft picks either.

Crunch ended his open letter with a simple "Go Blues Go"
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See you soon Crunch, take care of family and YOURSELF!
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Goona miss you pal.
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Class act. Best of luck to ya.
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all the best to you man! See you soon.
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You were great man, always enjoyed chatting.
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Take care man! See you when you get the itch and time to make the return!

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All the best
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Take care,
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Take care Captain.
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