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Originally Posted by DownInFlames View Post
I still use Sony behind the ear headphones. I wear them to bed. They're comfortable and cheap (I got 2 for $20 during the Futureshop clearance) so I don't care if they get damaged.

Those Aukey headphones look super comfortable too. Do they have any dropout issues?
I haven't used those headphones personally, but I haven't run into drop out issues with modern bluetooth headphones in a long time. The rare exceptions is wandering too far from the phone, but usually I'm quite a distance away anyways. Aukey is a decent brand, so I assume they're decent.

We'd probably need a anecdote from Iceman to confirm though.
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Originally Posted by DownInFlames View Post
I ordered a pair. Gotta wait until December to get them but that's not a big deal. I've heard the HM5 pads are a good upgrade,
but I'll check out the new stock pads first.
FYI: These are on Massdrop again:

Just got mine yesterday. Only got about an hour of listening in driven by a Fiio X3 v2.

Initial impressions are very positive. I don't have the 400i anymore so I can't do a back-to-back, but the 400i got very fatiguing in the first hour. The 4XX didn't get fatiguing at all. Different amplification, but the top end just feels much smoother (if maybe a touch rolled off at the top).

Like the 400i there's not a lot of bass slam, but the sub bass is solid. Feels more present than I remember with the 400i (but again, not possible to really compare). Vocals are incredible.

The Fiio X3 has JUST enough juice to get these to listening volume though. Going to give them a run on a higher powered tube amp tonight.

Overall these are already worth every penny.

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Picked up a set of Bose Quiet Comfort 25s over the us thanksgiving. They are being discounted as the new Q35s are out.
They are my first over ear and noise cancelling headphones. Uses: primarily podcasts/movies.
I did my first flight with them and I don’t know how I travelled without noise cancelling headphone before. They blocked most, if not all ambient noise. Sitting on a plane and watching Netflix undisturbed was glorious. I was amazed at the noise differences when switching between noise cancelling on and off.
Pros: excellent noise cancelling, comfortable over ears, wired, comes in nice travel case.
Cons: wired(I prefer wired to BT, but persons preference), takes 1 AAA battery. Probably can’t use for running, sweating exercises.
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Just picked up a pair of KEF M500 on-ear headphones on sale at Visions. It's not a full review or anything, but so far, I'm impressed. Overall they are:

- on the mid-upper end of physical comfort. Might not be great for smaller heads as they don't have a lot of clamping pressure compared to some headphones, but I didn't have much issue, if any, with sliding or overtightness.

- certainly portable as they fold up nicely into a case and the cable is removable.

- unspectacular in terms of noise isolation. I don't think I would wear them in an airplane. I'm not one to subscribe to actual noise cancelling HP and I hate the discomfort of IEMs, so I was hoping these would have a bit better of a seal, but with the window open I can hear Stoney Trail from where I am with the headphones in.

- easy to drive even with lesser electronics.

- voiced pretty neutral, maybe a smidge dark in a pleasant way. They don't handle the deepest bass notes as naturally as others I've heard, but I prefer their bass profile over what I've heard from something like the Shure SRH840 or Audio Technica ATH M50s - it's punchy and not too intrusive and does dig deep enough for most source material. The treble is balanced and overall best described as smooth.

If I had any real complaints, and this is minor, but they do lack some bite with the upper-mid registers of brass instruments compared to what I expect in real life. It's not offensive or distracting, and that allows them to be very listenable. I think their sound profile would be very easy to listen to more fatiguing genres for a long time. I wouldn't have regretted the purchase even at ~$220+-ish and at the price they're on sale for I'd definitely recommend them, maybe even go as far as to call it a steal, but YMMV.

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^ great price!
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