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Default 30 year anniversary of the knockout heard round the world

The 30th anniversary of the Buster Douglas Mike Tyson fight.

One of the greatest upsets in boxing history, Buster Douglas was a 3rd ranked relatively unknown fighter going against a almost certified killer in the Ring. Tyson at that point was starting his downward spiral that would end his career.

I was going to school in Dallas and we decided to buy this fight figuring it would be over in a hurry, but as it went on we knew that something special was happening.

Tyson didn't take this seriously, Buster did combined with the death of his mother a few days before the fight laid the path to history.

Douglas lost the title later on that year when he showed up out of shape and unmotivated against Hollyfield. Tyson went on spiral out of control with bankruptcies, controversial fight decisions and prison.
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I didn't understand the magnitude at the time, I just remember my grandfather being beyond excited to get a VHS copy of the fight a few days later.

Which was odd as: (1) he wasn't the excitable type; (2) he knew the outcome and taped sports, especial knowing the outcome, just isn't the same; and (3) a 76 year old in 1990 using a VCR was practically unheard of.
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Nice! I've never actually watched the entire fight before, what a bout! Thanks for including the full fight.
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Edmonton is no good. Tyson was supposed to fight Razor Ruddock in Edmonton a few months beforehand but got chest pain, probably from the water, and they had to cancel.

Then negotiations to reschedule fell apart and they moved his next fight to Japan and and a new opponent Douglas.
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I recall this being middle of the night on a Saturday night, or very late at least and maybe made the 11pm sports.
Could you have imagined the pandemonium in the crowd and then the ring if that 9th and 10th round and finale was in Vegas or really anywhere stateside?
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Where the hell did 30 years go?
Originally posted by Bingo.
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Should’ve bit his ear(s), Mike
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Yeah I remember hearing about this on the radio going to a 6:30 AM hockey game on a Sunday morning. It almost reminds me of the South Park episode where Jesus fights Satan and Satan takes a dive.
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Watching that fight again and reading up on it, it was really a perfect story against Tyson. He was already having troubles in his corner and in his personal life. Douglas was a good fighter and a huge fighter, but his troubles in the past had been based around his heart and desire. Tyson also had victory fever, you go back and watch those earlier fighters and he was a killer. He was also that rare one punch knockout guy.

Douglas had the emotional boost from his mother's death, from hearing that he was going to be embarrassed by Tyson. On top of that they had a great game plan, that was taking advantage of a massive reach advantage and Douglas having a great jab.

When you watch the fight you can see that Tyson even in his unmotivated state was incredibly dangerous. He landed a few shots out of nowhere that were devastating but I think Douglas stayed on his feet because he knew that Tyson was vulnerable, had no answer to Douglas' jab and couldn't get inside on Douglas to do damage.

Even with the knockout punch, Tyson was still moving at 3 but he reached for his mouth guard, he had only been hurt like that once before by Tillman during his amateur career, he didn't know what to do.

Its a great fight end to end and the commentators were freaking out from the end of round 1 to the end of the fight.
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Tyson spent the entire week banging Japanese girls.
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