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Default AWS vs Microsoft Azure Certification

Cloud computing is the hot thing right now in the IT world, and I am planning of upgrading myself to be more versatile in the market.

The big 2 in the world are Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. They both have certification paths that you can work your way up, and both of them have free training materials on their website.

I have a IT background in business analysis (not a developer), and I suppose I will try to get certified on both eventually, but which one should I start first, based on difficulty and time to master the material? Also employability (that's pretty important)? Anyone here who are working in the industry can shed some light?

Thank you.

P.S. There is also the Google Cloud platform, but it is a distant third, so I probably won't consider it right now.
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Depends on what IT field you're in currently and/or want to pursue. AWS is huge with app development, it's super easy to spin up very small VMs to run cloud apps. Whereas Azure seems to be targeting traditional server infrastructure, lots of companies are starting to migrate their existing VMware on-prem environments into Azure. So if you are getting into development or are supporting developers, AWS. If you're an infrastructure admin, then Azure
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Yeah, it's a toss-up. Most large companies dabble in both as they have different strengths/weaknesses. I would suggest that the Calgary market is slightly skewed towards Azure because most IT departments here are heavy into the MS stack and Azure is a little more comfortable for them. As Hemi-Cuda correctly stated, most companies are extending their current on-prem environments into a hybrid model as opposed to an all-or-nothing approach. For a company deep into the MS world, this is easier in Azure.

I'm not sure if it's part of the certification or not, but many IT Departments are really getting into Docker/Kubernetes lately. Well, it's starting anyway. That may be an area of interest for you as there seems to be a lack of skills in town. I would also suggest that just about any IT professional can figure out how to migrate a workload to public cloud. Architecting a "born in the cloud" app from the ground up is a different story though.
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When I was in the financial software systems business most of the ERP's that we were dealing with were using AWS, the exception being the Dynamics family at the time.
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No idea if you are interested in leaning the way of a Cloud Engineer (i.e. Infrastructure as Code vs. clicking around a cloud platform's web interface) but those jobs are in absolutely massive demand, and anyone with 10 years experience is likely asking for $200K USD.
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