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Originally Posted by peter12 View Post
No one will be surprised here, but I've never not worn a suit to an interview.
You’ve never not worn a suit to take a dump.
Originally Posted by Biff View Post
If the NHL ever needs an enema, Edmonton is where they'll insert it.
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Here's a new one for you folks:

I'm starting to see the writing on the wall at my current job. The project has been so terribly managed from the start, and I think the contract is soon to be pulled. This isn't too heartbreaking as I really dislike the job, but it also means I may soon be facing unemployment...again.

However, I have been looking for other jobs while employed, which is actually a new thing for me. Yesterday I had an interview in Calgary, and just made up the excuse that I had a "personal appointment". If this position drags on I may have to handle more of these absences as I maneuver my way out of here.

Thing is, I don't want to let on to my current employer that I am looking for other employment. There are a number of reasons, but mostly because I've seen someone else exit the project under similar circumstances and it was capital U - UGLY. Needless to say my employer did not handle it well, and I expect I will receive the same demeaning treatment. I also don't want to demoralize the other folks working on this, but if they had any common sense they would see the end is nigh.

Any tips or advice on looking for other work while you're employed? I know when it comes to an end it isn't going to be pretty, but in the meantime I still want things to remain amicable and I want to continue to do my job, and I don't want to have to deal with the ugliness until absolutely necessary.

Thanks in advance.
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Not really advice, however you can let the interviewer know that you need to be a bit discrete in terms of your job search and to keep that in mind in terms of the interview process. Most people will understand that.
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Captain is right - I've searched several times for jobs while I've currently been employed. Some tips:

1) Be upfront with the company you are interviewing with that you are currently employed and don't want to disrupt your current job too much. Try for interviews first thing in the morning or around lunch and its easier to "go missing" for a bit

2) Don't drop any hints at all at work that your looking. The office gossip machine is the most efficient news transferring process of all time

3) MOST IMPORTANT - Don't check out on your current job while your looking, even when you think you've basically got the other job (or even have the new job signed and confirmed). I did this without really noticing it during my last job search and it made me such a horrible person to work with - it was only after I looked back on it did I realize how bad I was
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