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Default Tapatalk Issue

Not sure how many are using Tapatalk on here, but it is worth noting that if you “follow” anybody, it’s not your Calgarypuck username that is displayed. it is your Tapatalk profile name. Most of the time people have the same for both, but you should probably check because I have noticed some variations of partial names to email addresses being used as profile names in Tapatalk.

If it doesn’t impact your anonymity or you don’t care, it’s probably nothing to worry about.

I noticed this by inadvertently going to Gordonblue’s profile and deciding to see who was following them.

Later searching brought up this from a forum in 2016, that would be worth reading if curious (I am not part of a talk about marriage forum, it just came up as a search result for “tapatalk followers profile name”.

3. If your Tapatalk profile is named in such a way that reveals your private identity, geographical location, or includes actual pictures of yourself and/or your family, children, etc, or reveals anything else about you, then any Tapatalk user registered to any forum available to Tapatalk (including TAM) will be able to see that information. That said, it IS possible to change your Tapatalk profile name, change profile pics, etc. You can even make your profile private.
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