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evil of fart
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Default Late August 2021 - Your CURRENT approach to COVID

Right now - in spite of rising cases in Alberta - I'm still living a somewhat unworried Covid life. I hadn't been going to indoor restaurants, but I actually have a reservation for this Friday (with all fully vaccinated people).

I have been going to movies.

I'm going to the Van Gogh thing this week at BMO.

I'm going to a house party next weekend.

I have been masking up in crowded/small places. Like, I was camping this weekend in Banff, but would mask up in the candy store as an example.

Since Covid seems to be here to stay, I've decided that since I'm vaccinated (and live with three other vaccinated people) I'll just go about my life kind of as though it's normal times and if I get Covid it seems like I have a super good chance of not getting terribly sick and I'm worried 0% that I'll die.

What's your current take on living your life right now?
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I’m still wearing a mask in places like grocery stores or crowded indoor places. At Chinook mall the other day I wore a mask when I went into any store, but didn’t while walking in the main concourse (is that what it’s called?)

We’ve been getting together with friends and family this summer both indoors and outdoors. All of them are fully vaccinated except my sister in law, who we have seen just once.

We haven’t done any indoor dining but that’s probably equally attributed to Covid and having a 5-month old.

I’m worried about going back to work. It looks like cases will hit 1000/day later this week and next Tuesday I’ll be sharing a room 6 hours a day with 25 unvaccinated Petri dishes.

I don’t really know how I will approach it, but it keeps me up at night. I might just N95 up and hope approval for 4-11 years old to be vaccinated comes early enough in the school year. I fully expect we’ll have an outbreak at school within the first 2 weeks.

I’m not worried about myself, but I am worried about bringing the Delta variant home to my infant.
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I'm double vaccinated and am largely unconcerned. We've been seeing friends, both indoors and outside. We've been dining indoors and going to movies. I've been meeting people for coffees and going for lunches with other people at work.

I wear a mask when a store requests it - I have no problem wearing one should you ask.

We don't have kids, are both in our early 30s and are both double vaccinated.
I'm glad that things are opened up, as it's in our risk tolerance to go out and enjoy life.
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I have been behaving in a risk informed manner. Socializing mainly outside where possible for most of the pandemic, have been to a few restaurant patios.

While I am vaccinated, a main risk I would consider is that if I was to get Covid, pass it to my unvaccinated school aged child, and should it be transmitted to the class full of kids too young to get the vaccine, well, that would not be good at all.

So I’m not personally at the point where I just accept that if I do get it, there are no significant consequences

School is starting soon, and they haven’t made the Hub available as an option, and I’m not unworried by any means
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Location: Calgary, Alberta

I've been living life normally and not wearing a mask. I figure that I'd take advantage of this current state of no restrictions and being fully vaccinated.
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Anything outdoors is lived the same as pre-covid.

Anything indoors is masked if I'm with any group larger than a handful where I don't know their vaccination status. This has meant lots of indoor social gatherings with family and friends who are fully vaccinated, plus lots of masking in public places like the climbing wall, gym, retail, etc.
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Iím masking indoors when cases are above 50/100k per week as per CDC recommendations.

Unvaccinated kids will go back to school using double masks medical under and cloth on top

Behaviour right now is more or less unchanged from pre-covid.
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The Yen Man
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I'm not really afraid to go to places like restaurants, pubs, etc. But I've decided to keep wearing masks and social distancing in public places for the foreseeable future. I still try to avoid events with huge crowds though, and will probably do so for awhile, since social distancing at those events would be impossible.
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I'm fully vaxxed and living life like it's 2019.
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Jiri Hrdina
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Fully vaxxed.
Still wearing masks in indoor public places
Opening up social networks.
Avoiding large indoor gatherings (e.g. a big house party indoors).

Worried about the return to school with my unvaccinated daughter.
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Still not going to crowded bars/nightclubs, but really never did.

Have been to some restaurants and get together with friends.

Biggest change is kids back to sport, girl played hockey all summer and the boy rugby until broken arm.
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Some restaurants, still usually wear mask to the grocery store, enjoying small gatherings with friends.
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Location: Calgary

Double vaxxed.
Still working from home.
Still wearing a mask inside stores.
OK with patios and most things outside.
OK with a small social circle inside.
Did go to a restaurant (inside) the other day but not making a habit of it.
Have been to a few events (weddings mostly) but try to be extra careful before/after.
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Sr. Mints
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I've been living my life pretty notmally but with precautions for the last year+. Usually mask-up in public (play it by ear), hand soaps, vaxxed, try and avoid stores during busy times

Don't think been to a restaurant during all of this, though
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I'm trying to enjoy my life before the inevitable restrictions kick in again and I think people here should do the same.

With the exception of working from home, and wearing a mask on transit, I'm living life as much as I did pre-COVID. Have been to Cavalry games in a completed packed supporters section and didn't think twice about it. The occasional restaurant or social gathering as well. Have a wedding to go to this weekend.

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Location: Chicago

Everyone in home fully vaccinated.
Masking indoors in some situations, required for child currently in school.
Otherwise living life as pre covid.
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You Need a Thneed
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Living mostly the same to 2019 right now, with more reporting of Antivax social media posts.

4 in household, all fully vaccinated, and healthy.

Don’t generally wear a mask, haven’t very often since mandate dropped, but don’t have an issue with having to.

Getting angry at those who haven’t yet gotten their shots, for prolonging this unnecessarily.
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Lived pretty hermit like until our planned week at my parents in July. Have had a few meals on patios only, and went to the Stamps game. Occasional in person meetings with clients, otherwise working solo from home the majority of the time. This would have read the same in 2019 though.
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Mostly back to 'normal'. Everyone I know and associate with are fully vacc'ed, and I've always preferred smaller house-gathering type get-togethers over large go-out style. I've been to a couple restaurants with friends.

I go to movies, but only late-late shows, and there's not been more than 10 other people in an entire theatre yet.
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Harry Lime
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Mask up in indoor public spaces.
Unmask outdoors.
Social distance, people I don't know, assuming they are unvaxxed or fully vaxxed but idiots.
Respectful arms length from people I know.
Build Thunderdome.
Don't shop much, eat mostly takeout (tip well), mostly local.
Shake my head at people living like it's 2019.
Easily enraged at all politicians, 'politically adjacent'.
Patiently awaiting Canada's pourus borders to let in the Thorax Variant immediately upon discovery.
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