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Default NHLSL Sim League has opening for GM

STHS V2 Sim Engine

Our league has a fantastic base of active GMs who are competitive but easy going. We are looking for a GM who can be active on instant messenger and on the forum.

We base our re-rates on NHL performance and we sim every night.

Our league is active, stable, and consistent and there is no risk of the league shutting down so invest all the time you want in the league without that worry.

If you are interested, please sign up on the waiting list here: or email the commissioner at

Thank you for your interest
It's a fun league, come join!
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Originally Posted by DOOM View Post
It's a fun league, come join!
Looking for a couple GM's for this league right now.

If you have not tried SIM hockey like this you should. It is lots of fun and you really get involved in knowing NHL players and prospects and get to move them like the pawns they are.
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Bumptity bump bump boo.

CAn not get into the CPHL.. Or previously tried it and want to try again.. check out the NHLSL. Information in the OP.
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