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Ice Hockey Goalie needed for Div E NCHL tonight (Mar 2) 9:45 at Brentwood...


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hey guys, my team is looking for a goalie for the spring season of Superleagues. PM me if you're interested.
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Goalie looking for team, I am of A/B quality
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Looking for goalie who can play this Thursday in our Rec Plus CSSC league, 8:00PM at Shawnessy YMCA. If interested also looking to have goalie for rest of the season for 4 more Thursday night games after this week. PM if interested, shud have own equipment (and if not we do have a fellow teammember's eqpmt) and of decent quality, don't have to be a superstar obviously but the better you are the better for us haha .

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Goalie available for D and E level on occasion, but can do C or something higher if you're really strapped. Yes. I like rubber. PM me or e-mail: mike_j57 at

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Anyone interested in playing AGAINST the CP hockey team?

The team we are playing (Monday, Aug. 9, 8:45 p.m. Cochrane) is in desperate need of a goalie. I told one of their guys that I'd ask around.

Anyone here interested in playing a league game tomorrow?

MOre info here:

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Needing a good goalie for a superleagues game.
It's this Thursday at 9pm if interested.
We play at NSD on fairvieq road. Pm me for more info.
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Default Looking for a goalie for the upcoming season

Hey Guys,

Made my own thread for this request (, but it was suggested I post in this thread as well.....I will monitor both.

I run a mens shinny group that plays every saturday through the typical hockey season Oct-Mar. Our ice time is every saturday at 10:45pm.

We have always had 2 goalies, but one of my regulars is moving to Lethbridge for school this year.

Is there any goalies out there that would be interested in playing the year with us?

Its a good group of guys that have been playing together for about 8 years now, skill level is average, no real superstars out there just a bunch of guys looking to have fun. We play at the Indus Rec center, which is quite convenient for those in the South end of Calgary (Copperfield, McKenzie, etc)

Let me know if you are interested. I can provide more details.

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Hi there,

Desperately searching for a goalie for tonight (Oct 30). HNA, division 5 (so low B, C-ish type range used in this thread). Game is at 10PM at ECTA. If you are interested please send me a PM.

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Quick bump here.

I play shinny Wednesday afternoon at 12 (West Hillhurst) and Friday afternoon at 12:15 (Centennial). These guys are always looking for goalies.

If anyone is interested in playing drop me a PM and I'll forward on your contact info to the guys who run it.

I'd say the level is pretty good, with 1 or 2 beginner calibre, everyone else is probably better. That being said, no one cares how good the goalies are, because the alternative is a shooter tutor.
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Need a goalie this Saturday at 10:15 in Chestermere. We are Div. 6 in HNA so something around C level will be fine. PM me if you can make it.


Found someone.

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Need a goalie Dec 18, 2010 @ 11:45pm. South Fish Creek Arenas. Div E game.

Please PM with phone number. Thanks!

EDIT: Goalie found.

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Hi Fellas,

Our mens' team plays in Div 1 HNA. Our normal goaltender, has ankle problems, and can't play net this season - so we're looking.

For the remainder of the season, we'll need a Div 1 goalie. The fill-ins we've had don't cut it, considering we're in the bottom half, and need our goalie not to be a liability.

We got a good group of guys, most of us played Bantam, AA -- as well as played together growing up. Average age is about 27.

If you're interested in playing net, with free ice time, please private message me.

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Offering up my skills. A/B/C skill set.

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Need an experienced goalie:

  • HNA Div. 5 league game

Normally, I'd just go in net, but I really want to play out this game.

Anyway, we're the Puckers.

Thanks in advance.

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looking for a goalie for a game tonight (January 7).

It is CAHL Weekend Div. D.

Game is at 9:15 at Edge School.

PM me please.

That's the bottom line, because StoneCole said so!
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Need someone to play in Div 5 HNA game tonight at the new COP rinks...rink B...745 pm. Please help!!!
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Just throwing my name in the hat. I have a decent hockey history but just started playing goalie so definatley a lower level guy. I'd love to get some early ice time if you guys need it. I currently play NCHL but I will sign waivers for any other league.
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hey guys just putting my name out there im a C level goalie just looking to get as much ice as possible, if your team is looking for a full time goalie, or a sub shoot me a PM
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female goalie looking for some more Ice ... able to play all levels just want some summer time practice
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