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Edge on iOS has built-in ABP (make sure the 'Acceptable ads' switch is turned off if you want a wholesale blocking of advertising, period), but it will also use other Content Blockers you install. My phone has AdGuard Pro installed and Edge uses both that and ABP. I get pretty effective filtering that way.
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The built in ABP seems to be effective enough for my needs. Only remaining beef is on the phone version, the Share button can’t be swapped out for Favourites, which I use way more frequently. If they ever make that customizable, then I’m pretty much set for a near perfect multi device browsing experience.
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For anyone who has switched from Chrome to Edge, how did you handle all of your passwords that google stored?
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Originally Posted by Tacopuck View Post
For anyone who has switched from Chrome to Edge, how did you handle all of your passwords that google stored?
Edge imports all saved Chrome passwords as well.

It's really simple since both browser platforms are Chromium.
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I migrated from Chrome to Edge on a MacBook this week, and I'm blown away. The migration was incredibly simple, everything was just as I had it in Chrome, tabs, extensions, etc.

I'm using it for work which is very heavy in webapp use, and zero issues so far.

I really like how I can have different windows on different profiles to separate work and personal favourites/passwords etc.
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