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Originally Posted by bubbsy View Post
EA NHL fans out there (regardless of how weak the game play can be ), here's the update for NHL 20's GM Mode features. It actually looks quite impressive as a big player of the mode:
As someone who used to play almost exclusively GM Mode and who hasn't bought the game in years, this might be enough for me to try it out again.

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Originally Posted by northcrunk View Post
No Man's Sky NEXT update dropped today. Added VR and a bunch of new features. Increased the ship size and now you can ride the fauna (as well as milk them). Excuse me while I go milk a flying cow snake

No Man's Sky Beyond: everything to know about the game changing update

No Man's Sky Beyond Makes A Great First Impression, Except For The Bugs

Here is just a brief summary of what you can find in BEYOND:
– Virtual Reality support
– VR user Interface
– VR user interactions
– VR controller support
– 16-32 multiplayer
– Multiplayer missions
– Ambient multiplayer
– A new social hub
– New traveller NPCs
– Dynamic NPCs
– Alien Languages
– New alien encounters
– Technology trees
– Gameplay Balance
– Discovery Page overhaul
– Planetary Charts
– Creature taming/riding/milking
– Multiplayer missions
– Cooking & Recipes
– Cooler Aliens
– Improved base building
– Power & Logic & Industrial Bases
– Optimisation
– Starship enhancements
– First person exocraft driving
– Vulkan
– PC graphics options
– Expanded controller support
– Sitting
– Version 2.0
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A lot of good games out there (and existing ones getting major updates), yet I havent found one lately that I could stick with. I have a rift s, xbox, PC and Switch- any recommendations? I'll give anything a shot at this point. I usually lean toward multiplayer over strictly single player games.
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I've been playing World War Z. It's pretty fun. I'll be the first to admit it's not likely a game you'll be playing a year from now unless there is some DLC coming in at some point. But it is fun and increasing the difficulty as you get used to the game play makes things more interesting.

People are calling it the new L4D and I tend to agree. It's a lot like that but a bit more polish? It's fun, relatively cheap and can take as little or as much time as you like.
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Originally Posted by cDnStealth View Post
I am taking a break from AC after playing those two games back to back but does anyone recommend the DLC for Origins? I imagine I'll jump into it after I finish playing Darksiders 3.
The Hidden Ones is skippable (nothing wrong with it, just more of the same as Origins), but Curse of the Pharaohs was awesome. Just replayed all of Origins and its two DLCs and I forgot how good Pharaohs was.

Extra level of nerdy immersion if you're familiar with the pharaohs they did an afterlife on, specifically Akhenaten. AC definitely does their history homework..
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I've put about 10 hours into No Man's SKy, and I am not loving it. I've been stuck on a frozen hellscape of a world running around scanning stuff and mining resources, the bulk of those O2 and sodium to replenish my suit. Found a suit upgrade pod, can't locate antimatter; can't buy it at the trade outpost, so... I guess I'll fly to another planet?

Is this a game better played multiplayer? Am I missing something?

(incidentally, I loved Subnautica, which I hoped No Mans Sky would be like. I don't know how that's is relevant, but I feel it is somehow)
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Antimatter gets crafted but you have to learn the recipe, I think you get it pretty early on if you just follow the quest goals.
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Yeah the way to play NMS is to work towards the quest line at first, treating it as a tutorial. Once you meet Nada, you can continue, postpone or ignore the quests
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I love Dunkey and he reviews No man's sky pretty damn well I think. For anyone interested:

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Originally Posted by MrButtons View Post
I love Dunkey and he reviews No man's sky pretty damn well I think. For anyone interested:

To be fair to NMS this review is from launch. The game has changed a lot since then.
I get that it won't be a game for everyone. Heck, I think I like it more because it's so different to most games. But then I'm weird.
To me, this is a game where you are dropped into a sandbox and then decide what you want to do beyond the initial quests. There is a lot of repetition in the core mechanics, as the variety is determined by your goals.
Are you trying to journey to the centre?
Are you trying to finish the quests?
Are you trying to build an epic base?
Are you trying to get cool stuff and play with friends?

Where most games give you an end goal, usually through story, NMS gives you options, where advancement is based around mining, trading, crafting and exploring. I like the freedom, as I can play just to play, and I use that to relax.

My review on it is that this game could be 10/10 to one person and 1/10 to another. It is polarizing by nature. I see it as a sandbox in which you can make fun. As someone who will go off the track in Red dead and hunt, who prefers exploring the fallout world over completing the main story quests, it works. I have poured in hundreds of hours over 2+ years and will likely do more post update. It's a 9/10 to me.

The developers made claims they couldn't back up at launch, whether that is lying or talking up features that couldn't make it into version 1.0 is a whole other debate. The fact is that the game has been updated post launch and is a more diverse experience now, but it's still not for everyone.
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