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Default Content Shifting/Jumping

Does anyone have a similar issue when using the "go to first new post" functionality with content shifting or jumping?

When I click, it takes me to the post I want to read, but then as the content on the page loads, it shifts be back up the page, meaning I have to scroll past posts I have already read to find the spot I should be at.

This happens in both chrome and firefox and have only noticed it the past few months.

It's also not only on CP but a lot of other sites as well, so not sure if this is something on my end or all of the sites I visit now have this issue.

Thanks for any tips or help.
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It's the twitter embeds and the way twitter provides the functionality to 'render' a tweet.

When someone posts a tweet, the post content is just the tweet number, so the page loads with that. Then after that twitter's Javascript code goes through and replaces all the HTML containing the tweet number with the full code to display the tweet.

The page jump happens before this so it puts you at the right place, but then the tweets get put in which are longer, so it pushes the bottom of the page further down.

It's annoying I agree, but I can't really think of a good way to deal with it.
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Thanks for the explanation Photon, appreciate it!
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Any idea why it only became noticeable in the last few days or week? Tweets have been embedded for a while but it only just started happening.
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