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Default FS: Pioneer SX-828 Receiver - SOLD

I found this a couple of years ago and have cleaned it up a bit. It powers on and works. All of the lights function.

This was Pioneer's TOTL receiver from 1972-74. It is rated at 54W (conservative, in my opinion) into 8 ohms. It has the cool blue lighting that was common at the time. This is a brute and was well made.

The interior is spotless. The wood case has a few blemishes, but I'd have to say that it doesn't look its age.

The only real down side is that Pioneer in those days made this unit so that it required goofy speaker connectors. Now, I don't have them, and they are hard to find - and a bit pricey for what they are. There are a few work-arounds, including 3/16" spade connectors or MacGyvering a lamp plug. But I bought a couple of cinch connectors and hard-wired the speaker wire into them. You can take my wire and be limited to the wire length or you can de-solder the connections and re-connect with your wire.

Here is the kijiji ad:

I'm selling it because it's sitting in the basement doing nothing. I hope that someone can use it and enjoy a nice piece of equipment from a bygone era.
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