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Default Scamming the scammer

This is possibly one of the funniest and most enjoyable rides - even if it is on Twitter - a highly respected security researcher from Citizen Lab at the Univ of Toronto gets a scam text....and proceeds to crowdsource responses. It's a bit long, but well worth the follow down the rabbit hole....
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Default has lots of scamming the scammer laughs.
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I like watching scam the scammer videos on youtube. They string the scammers along for a couple of days, show them that they bought all these gift cars so the scammer thinks they are getting a big payday, and then they redeem them in front of the scammers while they freak out. Sometimes they can even get into the scammer's camera and show their faces. Although I'm not sure how that works. Maybe it's fake.
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That would be a good tool for an AI Chatbot app, essentially you could dispatch your Chatbot on these scammers and just have that little app keep these scammers busy with endless stream of AI nonsense leading the scammer no where.
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Some really great scam the scammer on YouTube.

A couple of faves:

When the victim pretends to be a hot chick and the scammer demands a date.

When the victim reverse engineers the scammer’s desktop image gps and shows the scammer where his house is.

When the victim puts the same virus on the scammers network and locks scammers out. They get back in so he deletes everything.

Honourable mention for whenever the victim swears in the scammers native language.
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