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Originally Posted by TheIronMaiden View Post
Any honest reviews?
We have a couple of work sites that use it now, works very well for everything except VPN connections, which drop constantly and are unreliable when connected. We don't really need the VPN though (other remote options), so it's been amazing for these locations that are out in the boonies with the only other services available being cell modems
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We have a few hundred of them on our pipeline project. They are awesome!

I was stuck in traffic on the highway and logged into the truck infront's starlink (known password) and had connection for an hour down the highway at safe driving distance. These things are impressive.
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Originally Posted by Azure View Post
I've heard that speeds have gotten a lot better since they implemented the excessive use policy when users download over 1TB per month. Anyone else?
Our speeds 3 hours east of Calgary are still as low as 40 during peak hours. They will be back up to 130/140, but nowhere close to the 230-240 we were getting in February.

So to answer your question - no still havenít seen speed increasing.
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Elon Musk’s SpaceX is expanding its Starlink satellite technology into military applications with a new business line called Starshield.

Starshield is likely to further tap the company’s biggest U.S. government customer – the Pentagon – which already represents a high-value buyer of SpaceX’s launches and has shown significant interest in the capabilities of Starlink.

I think they just realized there is boatloads of money to be made from the military. "Military grade" always comes with a 10x price modifier.
Originally Posted by Press Level View Post
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