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Default Day 25 Results

The AHL Champs are crowned! Congrats Doug.

The CPHL final looks like it will be a long one.

Day 25
102 Columbus Blue Jackets (2) vs Montreal Canadiens (3)
102 Peoria Rivermen (3) vs Albany River Rats (4)
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Congrats Doug!
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Hanna Sniper
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I was so tempted after the failure of this season to send down some NHL vets to go for a Calder run. In the end I decided not too and held off of waiving my players while the rest of the league did... cool

It also helped that the Hurricanes are flooded with C goalies and that with Vladimir Sobotka has never received an good enough rating that would allow me to call him up yet still be able to star in the AHL.

Now I need to get this team back in the CPHL hunt....
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Amazing job by the Habs holding the Blue Jackets without a shot in the final 10:25 that Harding was in net. Not sure what Rinne did to get tossed, but not thrilled that it happened in a one goal game. Bruno Gervais picked up his first playoff point, paired with Ryan Whitney in his return after Niskanen went down. Habs will be looking to take their first lead in this series next game!

We managed to hold Rick Nash to one shot, but he still got two assists. Good thing we shut down every other line. Shots were 39-29. This was our game all the way, despite the score. Credit Miller for keeping them in it.

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Well we have some decisions to make, stand pat and hope for the best OR make some line changes and see what happens. I think I will mix it up a bit and try some new lines for game 5!!!!
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