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I apologize if hectic was the wrong word to use; the things I mentioned were a sort of baseline that had to be worked around.Thanks for the replies guys, I'm sure I'm not the only one benefitting from the responses. Going to take a look at the CP Ball Hockey.
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Originally Posted by meanmachine13 View Post
After being out from hockey with an injury for the past 5 months, I am looking to get into some sort of summer sport. I noticed someone talked about that sport and social club. Any one else have any experience with this? Recommend any specific sports to try?!
I played ultimate frisbee for a few summers, and like 5-6 seasons on the fan960 floor hockey team. It's a lot of fun.
Frisbee is very casual, and not too competitive. Floor hockey can get heated, but it's still good fun.
The leagues are all well organized, and the cost isn't too crazy.
If you know enough people, you can form your own team, but they generally have at least one public team for each league for those who don't have a full team to recruit.
They also have a huge number of different sports available.

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