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Flames Flames vs Oilers - 7:30 - SNet-W (Oilers feed)

Calgarypuck gameday preview

***Click here to read***

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Last time these teams met the Flames took their feet off the pedal and got embarrassed.

Fool me once, shame o---- oh enough fooling around! JUST WIN!
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the crispy badger
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as nice as 7th would be..i just have a feeling that this one is going to be a shootout loss.
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Kipper or Irving starting ?
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Lines are up. Irving starts, get him a win guys! GO FLAMES GO!!
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Oh god. I Hope Baertschi strips Eberle of the puck, undresses Hall at center ice, skates pass the "Nuge" and then goes into the Oilers zone and snipes one top shelf on Dubnyk.
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We will never win with Johnny quote me on that.. I'll eat pubes if we ever win a cup with him on this team.
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Of the next three games, this is the one that I am least concerned about if we do lose. It is still a game we should win fairly easily, however.

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Next two games are trap games.... but they need the points.

Hopefully the boys keep that 7th place nugget in mind and come out and crush the Oilers.
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I'd love to see another goal from Sven, and Stajan each!
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Future of the flames playing tonight, Irving in net, Sven up front, if only Brodie was in it would be 3/3.

Should be a good preview of things to come in 3 years.
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Flames can't take the Oilers lightly, they will definitely try to play spoiler tonight.
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Have a bad feeling about this one. The Oilers suck and it's too easy to look past them. I'd love to see the Flames return the favour for that 6-1 ass kicking they got a few weeks ago; hopefully they're using that as motivation.

Did I mention the oilers suck?
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I am actually more worried about these next few games than i was about the SJ or PHO games.

Neither EDM or CMB have anything to play for except spoiling the flames chance of getting into the playoffs, they can play loose with no pressure.

We need to come out a bury both of these game good and proper, keeping our foot on the gas all the way.
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As great as Sven has been (I think hes gonna be a big time point producer)...Neimsz has impressed me quite a bit at center.
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This is going to be a great game! The Oilers would love to rain on our parade as they say. Calgary has really seemed to gel lately so I see them having no problem handling the Oilers in this game.
4-2 Calgary GFG!
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I just don't understand the "got a bad feeling about this one" or "don't like our chances" posts.

WTF people. Flames fighting for their lives.

Have some faith, show some optimism. Yeah, yeah, yeah everyone has their own opinions.

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Flames just need to remember what happened the last time we played these losers. If we come out again expecting a win and coast through 90% of the game not giving a damn, the Coilers will win.

If we put in even 50% effort, we'll crush them.

Important game (as they all are these days). Get the two points and move on.
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When can we bump the Sven>RNH thread

Really hoping the Oilers can play spoiler, but I dont see it happening.
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I agree with everyone here. Can't take these losers too lightly, but the 6-1 drubbing last month should be fresh in their mind.

Just listened to Maher and he said (to paraphrase): "We'll keep the situation updated on Baertschi to see if he's going to play or not".

I thought Steinberg tweeted that he was going for sure tonight. Has that changed?
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This is a revenge game, I doubt the coaching staff is going to let them forget that they lost 6-1 to a Bantom team.

If this team comes out and plays the physical game that they've been playing over the last 5, and they pay attention to detail like they have in the last 5, then the Oilers will toss in the towel at the start of the third and Renney will spaz out again.
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