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Originally Posted by GioforPM View Post
Not one person on the other board even mentioned McDavid calling for the pass - it was all about how crappy Benning is. Can you imagine if McDavid is calling for the puck like that and Benning doesn't pass to him? He's be run out of town.

I don't think much of McDavid's hockey IQ. He seems to be a guy that gets by on innate talent alone. He doesn't use his wingers especially well (they'd have at least half his points you'd figure). The Bruins figured out pretty quickly how to defend him (partly - don't let him go one on one with Chara).
McDavid's most unique attribute is both his speed AND the ability to make plays at high speed. I don't know that I've ever seen someone who is that fast, and is able to still control the puck and make plays.

He's not a particularly great distributor of the puck. Which is to say he's really good but not elite.

I think he sometimes is too fast for his teammates.

I compare him to Matthews who has elite skills across almost every area and I'm not sure that I would pick McDavid over him.

McDavid is the most dangerous player in the league at any moment. But he needs to add more elements to his game. Just as Syd did.
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