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Originally Posted by Oling_Roachinen View Post
Yeah, on a micro level when I hear about some senseless gun-related gang crime, my immediate reaction is hoping for some severe sentence so I'd be in favour of a high mandatory minimum.

But then that's hypocritical of me when I feel like there should be heavy emphasis on rehabilitation in the justice system and a mandatory minimum goes against that into pure punishment.
I'm with you and this describes me to a T.

I'm very much in the same boat, and there is no one solution that will fix the problem.

There also needs to be leniency for a one-time stupid decision, or a way to correct a mistake through education or rehabilitation.

However, with the way things are today, neither of those seem to work.

Extremely lenient judges applying sentences to repeat offenders with excuses like "but he grew up in a bad home", like that is an excuse for being a criminal. At some point you need to get over your ####ty upbringing, and society can be there to help with that. Too often, it's used as an excuse for crimes and there are hardly ever any consequence for the perpetrator because of it.
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