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I've been saying for a while that using a gun in a crime should be punished harshly. If its a illegal or unregistered weapon even more so.

I don't know if the length of the sentence matters, for some gang members its a credibility badge to serve a term. I think its the type of punishment. doing 5 years in a prison isn't something that they are afraid of.

I've always believed that with violent offenders there should be levels.

The first time, you're locked away, maybe a lighter sentence, lots of educational opportunities and lots of counseling, decent food etc. That second time you commit a violent act or gang related act. You're breaking rocks in the arctic for a decade at least. 12 hours a day of making gravel out of boulders, and you're eating army rations and sleeping on a army cot. And in your off time, you're either going to school. Or scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush.
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