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Originally Posted by transplant99 View Post
Johnson is an interesting name to watch for sure.

Peters and him go way back to the Spokane days where they won a championship together.

He does have a full NTC though, so it would be entirely up to him if he wants to move.
i've always been interested in Johnson - good player who seems to have been supplanted by other, similar players: first kucherov, then point, and now possibly chiarelli.

i don't think they'd be looking at brodie, for cap reasons though (unless he's repackaged or part of 3 way deal)... they have 4 RFAs and 3 UFAs for this year... with a projected 8.5 in cap space to sign all those players.

that wouldn't be enough to sign Point alone... so shedding johnson makes sense, but for picks or maybe Ksylington being part of a package maybe?
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