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Originally Posted by the_only_turek_fan View Post
Wormius, ask your doctor to send you for a Pulmonary Function Test. They do them in the basement of the Foothills Hospital. They will diagnose it for you.
This is good advice as it may be early signs for something that needs to be looked at and maybe there's a prescription to help.

Hoping CP can guide me a bit here... I've been running since 2010, usually 30-40 miles a week. For the past four months I've been running on the wrong shoes, and it's messed up my biomechanics. I now get stiffness in my knee on my left leg, which is causing tightness in my upper leg (especially IT), and is now affecting my glutes and lower back. Looking for a plan to follow that will ease it back to normal, if such a thing exists. Regularly using foam rollers and lacrosse balls, shifting my workouts away from running to swimming/biking/stairs. Also going to look into the knee injury clinic at U of C. Any help would be great! I miss running
The knee clinic at U of C is for acute injuries that need potential triaging ie ACL tear. They will not see you for an overuse injury.

The good news is often you don't have to stop running. The most common cause of pain in runners is hip weakness. But it's impossible to know why you're have pain without assessing it. So yet again the recommendation comes up - go find a (good) physio!
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