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^^^^^ This for sure. Though when I walked by yesterday, Dieu de Ciel was undergoing some serious renos. Not sure when it'll be back open. Great beer though.

Downtown=Eat at Kazu. Drink at Grumpy's. Visit Place des Arts. Visit the Old Port for sure, but avoid eating/drinking at any criminally over-priced restaurant located there.
Walk up Mont Royal through the McGill campus and take pictures at the top. On Sundays, vast amounts of people gather and play drums. Nearby LARPers fight with cardboard weapons and real armor. It's a bizarre spectacle.

Tour down St. Laurent for sure. Either smoked meat place is pretty good though you'll want to nap right after you eat it.

Make sure you see Jean Talon Market and when you are in the neighbourhood, eat at Triple Crown Dinette. It's insane. They'll make you a picnic basket that you eat in the park across the street.
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