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Originally Posted by HeartsOfFire View Post
I dunno... the major benefit of a physical media kinda outweighs the convenience of a streamed video. Even if I do have to eventually return it.
Honest question - I'm not trying to sound condescending here, but what are the benefits of having physical media mailed to you instead of streaming? If you can have the same movie streamed instantly as opposed to waiting for it to become available, sending it back, etc., I simply don't see why you wouldn't want to press a button and watch it right away. I can understand that sometimes you might want to own a certain movie and have it on your shelf, but for renting - I have no problem streaming it and then having it disappear into the ether.

I'm not saying that there aren't advantages to physical media at this point in time. As I understand it, the library size for physical media at Netflix (and probably Zip too) is bigger than what Netflix will be streaming. And if you're a big HD buff, 1080 on a Blu-Ray will be preferable to 720 streaming.

I see all of those things evolving over time to the point where you can stream pretty much any movie you want in full 1080 HD. That would be awesome, indeed.

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