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The thing you learn in projects like this.....

I've ripped a few of my blu-rays to experiment with different settings in handbrake. Picture was always decent but wasn't all that happy with the sound. Either had good base but quieter dialogue or good dialogue but lacking "pop" in action scenes.

I have two Vizio sound bars. One on an older TV that only had Digital Optical and a somewhat newer one that had HDMI ARC. Did some research on Digital Optical and found it can't carry as many signals as HDMI.

Took the Chromcast I had bought but not setup yet to the TV upstairs with HDMI ARC. Started watching the same movie and BOOM! Thunderous sound with awesome dialogue and action scenes that blew hair back. Awesome!

I've been wanting to buy a newer TV for a while now and now have a hell of a good reason.

Are you able to save your handbrakes setting and send me a copy? I'm pretty sure you can save your own pre-sets to a text file I think? I've tried using the setting you mentioned in your above post but still can't generate a file larger than 6 gig. Would really like to get into the 10-15gig range.
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