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Originally Posted by Johnny199r View Post
What other services are there? I don't need tax planning, I have disability and life insurance through work, I don't think there's anything he can actually offer me to justify his take.

Obviously this argument wouldn't be applicable to someone who has no investing knowledge and uses an investor. There's value in that situation.
Yeah I am not here to convince you to stick with some other advisor who I don't know and can't tell you anything about. I have no idea.

The insurance aspect is one to be careful with though. I have seen cases where people are relying on coverage through work and it's not quite what they think it is. Sometimes the coverage is shockingly low (for life insurance) and there are a lot of clauses on the disability side that you want to be aware of. Unfortunately though, people don't look and see until there's a claim...and I probably don't need to mention that's too late.

And on the investment side the role of an advisor isn't always to nail the market outlook and make the perfect investment. It's about building a prudent portfolio so that the risk adjusted returns (which are appropriate for you as investor), perform at a level to meet your goals and required return.

Anyway, like I said I am certainly not going to convince you to stick with a guy who might be terrible or amazing.
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