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Adam Ruzicka
He's big, he has decent hands and offensively ability, he is decent in his own end...but his attitude and commitment are concerns. He isn't always engaged and is easily rattled and knocked off his game, and when that happens he looks like a beer league player during a 10:45 PM weekday game going through the motions to get home ASAP. But when he is on he can drive a line and contribute at both ends of the ice. 32 even-strength goals in 65 games is impressive as is generating over 3.5 shots per game, while also having decent vision. Excellent in the dot, too - arguably the best in the OHL. If he can get the mental side figured out he has a good shot at making it as he has every tool in the box. If not, I reckon he'll be saying "what if" when he looks back on things later in life.

Ceiling: 2nd line C
Probable: 4A C
Floor: Outright bust

Also in consideration
Jeremy McKenna
One dimensional goal scorer but scoring goals is the most difficult skill in hockey. Excellent at getting open and finding gaps in coverage which allows him to get his hard and accurate shot off. Also terrific on the powerplay. But, his defensive shortcomings significantly reduce his probability of success. Hockey is full of junior snipers who didn't pan out, but there are a few who have turned into mighty good scorers. Over 5 shots per game is insane.

Ceiling: 2nd line W
Probable: Tweener
Floor: Outright bust

After Ruzicka and McKenna, I see a drop with the rest of the lot, noting I value ceiling much higher than probability of playing a handful of games on the 4th line.

Lucas Feuk

Milos Roman

Ryan Lomberg

Glenn Gawdin

Luke Philp

Eetu Tuulola

Josh Nodler

Carl-Johan Lerby

Rinat Valiev

Dustin Wolf

Jon Gillies

Artem Zagidulin
Nick Schneider

No hope
Spencer Foo
Mitchell Mattson
Linus Lindstrom
Andrew Nielsen
Justin Kirkland
Pavel Karnaukhov
Steven Gerrard - Messi can do some amazing things, but anything he can do Joe Cole can do as well, if not better.
Cole: 699 GP, 102 G, 94 A
Messi: 884 GP, 711 G, 300 A

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