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Default Corporate Planning

Increasingly, I get questions and clients who are small business owners or have corporations who need help planning. A segment of this is due to the changing tax laws for small corporations and how your passive income is taxed as compared to your active income. Tied in with that is the need to get money from the corporation in a tax favourable manner.

This column gives a pretty good overview of the problem faced by the small business owner, and a really broad look at some of the options to consider. I would say that there are a couple options not considered here, including tax-favourable investments within the corporation. There are a few ways that one can invest and not receive that dreaded tax slip each year which costs you 50.7% of your return!

I thought that I would start a thread on this topic in case it applies to people here, and of course you can always contact me directly if you have questions or things I can help out with!
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