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Welp, COVID has finally hit our house. 12yr old son tested positive last night. Complained of a dry, scratchy throat and his voice was hoarse. He had a ball game last night and we figured it was from yelling from behind the dish in the cold but nope.

Has a bit of a cough this morning and is a little congested but feels fine. Wife and I tested negative so we'll see....

Unfortunately, we were all around a lot of people this weekend. Two parties, multiple sports events, visits with both sets of grandparents... more people than any point over the last 2 years.
Welp, after being home for 10 full days +1, my son finally went back to school today for his PAT. Aside from the congestion, he felt fine the entire time and was going crazy in the house and continued to test positive the whole time (or at least until we ran out of tests on Monday). Wife and I tested negative the entire time and thankfully no one else he was in contact with got it.

Missed 4 baseball games and 2 practices. Thank god for the Oculus and Win Reality. He's now hitting HRs in VR batting practice. He's missed so much school this year I fear he's going to become a moron. Better succeed at ball.
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